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To go on the path, a door has to be crossed, ask for the key.


 The path, step 1


The life without the full Consciousness is a life in two dimensions. The path offers you to live the life in three dimensions. The life in two dimensions is the life with the consciousness on the physical and mental level and the life in three dimensions adds the spirituel level, the one of the soul's Consciousness.


The soul is our true self and by dint of project itself, through our senses on the material level, by dint of learning, listening, thinking and feeling, we close ourselves in the two first dimensions and we forget the spiritual level, the soul's Consciousness.


The path gives the "technical" meanings to re-open itself to the soul's level.

Many problems of ill-being, in the life, are of mental origin. Of course there are objective problems, of a material nature but does the discomfort which we live very often exceed the material causes of being badly and how many people who do not have material concerns suffer nevertheless?

What is living in 3D ? Usually we live in 2D, on a physical level, that of the body and material world and on a psychological level, that of mental, ideas, dreams, fears and doubts. The third dimension is that of the spirit, of the soul : the spiritual dimension.

Spiritual dimension is not obligatorily a religious dimension : spirituality is not the religion even if it is possible to live spirituality within a religion. Spirituality is the full conscience of its life, of this essence which animates us at every moment.

To have this quality of conscience it is necessary to know to make the difference between the phantasms of the mind and the truth of the life, the objective truth : it is necessary to have understanding, retreat. It is the matter of the Madhyama-màrga, this way of live by controlling the activity of its mind and by knowing where and how to pose its attention to enjoy fully the life which animates us.

This way of live is not new, it is even old, very old and always of today. If you want to live fully, then the path is made for you. It is made for all even for those who are not set on spirituality.


 The path, step 2

The utility of the path is to enable us to live our life fully without the veil which darkens our glance on the world, this veil of our ideas, our biases, our concepts and what others put in our spirit through education as well in our parents as at the school. It gives us “tools” to take step back from our mind, the cerebral activity which, often, lives its own life. These tools are four techniques of Meditation. These techniques are very powerful, so powerful that they are revealed onlyto those which have a strong motivation, a great thirst of truth.

If you are not confident, if you doubt, if you are thirsty and hungry of peace, simplicity and truth then continue to inform you in relation with the path. I know what this kind of proposal can be generator of doubts and feasr : there are so many things on the web ! and not only of the beautiful and simple, benevolent things.

Nothing untoward will happen to you going ahead through these five stages of the path and the texts of the blog. On the facebook page of the path you will be able to contact me by the online tchat, if you ask me as friend, and we can exchange. It is also possible to exchange by e-mail, at the address given in bottom of this page


Yoga is the union, it is the gathering of the Consciousness in its own core. Then, there are many Eastern disciplines like Western for arriving in this state of unit. When these methods are Eastern they are named yoga by adding the specificity of each one like raja-yoga, jnana-yoga, astangha-yoga, hatha-yoga etc When these methods are Western they are named orison, quiet prayer, sophrology, auto--hypnosis, attenuated state of perception.

The Madhyama-màrga, which is the yoga of the path or the original-yoga is a practice that allows the practitioner to keep his Consciousness as united as possible and the more often and longer as possible. There is no concept, no dogma, just a method, that the yogis indicate under the name of Sàdhana.

The yoga-original is not made up of postures of the body that would require a certain flexibility and body investment, it is a spiritual yoga, a psychic work, to some extent, within everyone's reach who want it. It requires no theoretical knowledge, no particular reading nor to enter a sect, in the middle of the wood, enclosed between four walls.

By having his Consciousness united as often as possible multiplies by ten its senses : what one sees is seen better, what one hears is heard better and so on: one lives more fully, in a dimension moreover. To have his emotions under control and to release oneself from the concepts and ready-made ideas is a liberation and brings an objectivity, a detachment and a equanimity sources of an achievement generating of happiness.


 The path, step3


Madhyama-màrga is the name given to the practice [Sàdhana for the yoga specialists]. This word : “Madhyama-màrga” means “middle-path” and was given recently to this old path to finally differentiate it from other practices that claims to be from the same teaching but that are, in fact, very different, as the raja-yoga for example.

Why wouldn't the Madhyama-màrga be simply named raja-yoga ? Because even if the raja-yoga has the same origin, it became over the time a very different spiritual way, as my constatation.

Do you realize that all these different yogas draw their inspiration from the same teaching ? However the way described by Patanjali was the same one as that taught in Bhagavad-gîtà and unique yoga : the Unit. By definition the Unit is unique.

The yoga of the path [Madhyama-màrga] known as being the original one, the perfect Sàdhana to go towards the unit. It is composed of three parts covering all the exintence of the human being and thus making it possible to the yogi to practise through the least gestures of its daily life transforming it into a total-yoga.

This path is offered to all, without being necessary to change in a drastic way what makes its existence, to leave its work, its family, its house for living in a monastery at the top of a frozen mountain.

Patanjali [the one who wrote the yoga's disciplines, in India] wrote that this path could not be followed without the assistance of a Siddhi, a guide : Madhyama-màrga is in the tradition of Gurukula, the oral teaching of Master to disciple, such as several millenia ago and such as still today.

Today oral teaching is often replaced by teaching via the e-mail, the chat online, the digital one. But this yoga-original is not learned in the books, not more in the yoga-sùtra as in the Bhakti-kä-màrga, the Bhagavad-Gîtà or the Tao-Te-King even if these works speak about it. At most they can give the inspiration of practising.

Madhyama-màrga is above all a practice and a daily practice. The Master being there to show the techniques of meditation and to give advices, to make warning statements and to clear up certain points to whom requires it from him.


The path, step 4


To practise the yoga of the path it is necessary to have received the Revelation of the four proper techniques of Meditation. These techniques cannot be explained in writing, they are shown and are said and it is what the guide do with the candidates coming to receive this Revelation.

Some of these techniques are practised only in the calm of the sitting Meditation, others are practised as well sitting as during the day at the same time we are occupied with our daily occupations, the goal being to be as conscious as possible of the interior peace, of the life which is in our inside. It is the matter of the path. The principal technique of Meditation practising in “all-terrain” is the one called the “Holy-Name”.

You have not to pay for this Revelation, obviously, only the travelling expenses to the ashram of the path fall to the candidate, as for the accommodation in the ashram a free participation in the expenses is welcome but is not requested. For those who come by train or plane the transfer by car is possible: somebody of the ashram will have a pleasure to take you up.

The Revelation itself take two to three hours according to the session and the participants, at the conclusion of the Revelation the new Walker (name given to the practitionner) meditates. The stay at the ashram is often done over a weekend, the candidate arriving on Friday evening or Saturday morning and going away Sunday at the end of the afternoon or on Monday morning according to the cases.

During the stay, there are Satsang [kind of spiritual inspirated sermon], exchanges, sessions of questions and answers and we take fraternally the vegetarian meals and in good mood.

Once becoming Walkers the participants return to their homes and find their existences. No food diet nor way of dressing is required : the path is a spiritual way, not a religion: everybody does according to its conscience and its possibilities. The free-will is fundamental of the human being and nobody can nor should try to oppose it.

It remains to the new Walker to observe the Agya in its daily life. A kind of “hot-line” is open with the guide, josé, by way of e-mail and/or online tchat for every possible question. The exchange is important. It is possible, if wanted, to share with other Walkers. The Agya, you already know, is  the Sàdhana of the path. It is made up of three parts:

Service, Satsang and Meditation. The Service is practised in the day and consists in living its life by keeping a part of its attention on the technique of the Holy-Name revealed during… the Revelation!

Satsang is given or received. To receive it as to give it, there is a dedicated blog for that, the Walkers receive the link, where are retranscribed Satsang given orally twice a week in the ashram. It is possible also to request Satsang directly by josé through the “hot-line”. Twice a week seems to be a good average, it is possible to ask for more.

The Meditation will be done with the suitability of the Walker according to his lifestyle, its practice, its possibilities. It is recommended to meditate every day. Some meditate in the morning, “at the alarm clock” and in the evening, before lying down. Others meditate once a day in the end of the afternoon, when they are alone at home, others make it differently. The time of meditation will depend on the desire to meditate and the possible time to spend for it according to the life of each one.

The utility of the “hot-line” is precisely to help the Walker to take stock about all these kind of subjects. Jose, the guide, is always available and answers the questions of the Walkers with pleasure.

To receive the Revelation it should be asked for.


 The path, stage 5

Before asking for the Revelation, it is necessary to get more information about what is the Madhyama-màrga, about those who practise it, the guide of the path etc… there are two stages before being able to receive the Revelation:

First stage: the postulant

It is a researcher, asking for information. That is done by e-mails sent to the mailbox given at the bottom of these texts. Who does answer these questions? A Walker, practitioner for long time. If the applicant wishes to receive the Revelation it has to ask for it expressly, he will be suggested to become an aspirant.

Second stage: the aspirant

It is this postulant who wants to go further and to receive, in the long term, the Revelation. Its interlocutor will be then josé, or gian yoganand, the guide of the path. The aspirant sents his mails to another mailbox, which is given to him then, and josé answers to him. He can address all the questions he has in mind on all subjects. He asks for particular Satsang that josé will address to him by return of mail.

The phase of aspiring is important and is already part of the path: spiritual work starts and the candidate can feel the Grace in his life. Its duration depends only on the candidate. When he does not want to wait any more and he needs to enter in the practice of the yoga of the path, then he has to ask josé for the Revelation so that a particular session for the Revelation can be organized in the nandi-àlaya ashram of Madhyama-màrga in the Gironde, France.

The exchanges by e-mail are done only on the initiative of the postulant and the aspirant. We never take the initiative to sent an e-mail to our correspondents satisfying us to answer theirs. The sent e-mail are not used to be classified in a file, they are used only with the return as mails. As long as our correspondent wishes it he sends his questions to us, and if he does not want any more he just stop to sent e-mails to us. His e-mail address will be then deleted and it will never be chased up.

Why this way of functioning? For two reasons: we respect the free-will of each one and it is the thirsty one who has to ask for water.


For additional informations : madhyama.marga@gmail.com


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